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SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY: Conditional or unconditional Salvation? Also, Divine healing in the Atonement!
Church services: what should they be like: Mosty about spiritual gifts, in the Church!
An overview of prophecy in the Church: The gift of prophecy.
Answers to some questions about Apostles: Answers.
Born-again Christians: can lose their Salvation: by living a life of sin: To the point! Not by doing sins (once in a while); but by living that way, all of the time!
Health, wealth, and a long life!: Some very short studies. Kind of a short overview.
Once saved, always saved?: Part.1.
Once saved, always saved?: Part.2.
Once saved, always saved?: Part.3.
Church elders: in the New Testament.: Study.
The sacrament of foot washing: A good one!
Some major views in the Sabbath debate: Three views: one of which is mine!

My information List of Links:

Athanasian Creed: A good one!
Nicene Creed: Another good one!
Apostles Creed: Three good creeds that all people should know!


What this site is: Links to Bible studies on THEOLOGY, made to be understandable. Yours' in the Lord Jesus Christ, John Chopores

My List of Links to other Bible studies by John Chopores:

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