My List of Health Links

Dupage County Health Department: Tells people in DuPage Country were they can get free blood pressure tests and more.
webMD: Health News and information.
Prevention Magazine.: Some useful health tips.
Digestive basics.:
Bible nutrition: One view. Soy.

My List of History Links

Some of the special messages of Abraham Lincoln. In 1861.:

My List of how to clean and fix things, Links:

Howstuffworks: To fix something, it is helpfull to know how it works!
Yahoo driving driections, and maps.: How to get there.
AOL phone number look-up.:
How to clean anything.:
So you want to clean your apartment?:

My List of Links to free books, studies, sheet music, and more:

Gutenberg: For getting free books.
Free Bible studies.: Some of my own.
Project bookread.: More free books.
Great Books Index: Still more free books!
Completeplanet: Over 70,000 Databases.
Classic Bible commentaries.: Reformed mostly.
Reformed Evangelical Bible Commentaries: Reformed only.
Mutopia Project: Free sheet music.
ChoralWiki: Free sheet music.
WIMA: Free Music typesetting software, and free sheet music.
The Sheet Music Subproject: Sheet music.