My List of Links

Apostles, are they for today?: Bible study.
Are modern day Prophets just teachers?: The answer is no. Find out why.
Apostles have great spiritual power!: Bible study.
Some questions about Apostles, and their answers!: Question and answer.
Can a female become an Apostle?: The answer is no. Find out why.
How to tell, if someone is a false prophet: Bible study.
Is a Prophet under an Apostle, in the Church?: Bible study.
A look at what the New Testament has to say, about Apostles: Bible study.
The foundation of the New Testament church. : Bible study.
Apostles are not all-powerful, in the Church!: You must see this one!

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Free Bible studies about Apostles and Prophets!

What this web page is.

It is a master page of links to some free Bible studies about Apostles and Prophets!

Yours in the Lord Jesus Christ,

John Chopores

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