My "How to", List of Links

HOW JESUS WON MEN: We can use the same methods.
How to Appropriate Divine Healing: Yes, thats right! Healing!
How to deal with Temptation, in plain English.: Part.1.
How to deal with Temptation, in plain English part 2.: Part.2.
How to deal with your own anger: We all, need this one!
How to deal with Satan, the Devil: Bible study.
How to get and stay out of debt!: Bible study.
How to find a godly wife: Bible study.
How to keep from losing your money: Bible study.
How to tell, if someone is a false prophet: Bible study.
How to get wisdom and what it will do for you: Bible study.
How to stop a demon from entering your soul: Bible study.

"How to" Bible studies!

The name says it all! Bible studies on "how to": live the Christian life!

Just click on the link to the Bible study that you want to read.

Your's in the Lord Jesus Christ,

John Chopores

My List of Links

Different kinds of prayer:
Bible studies about the Worship of God: