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What prayer is: A good overview of prayer.
Intercession in the Bible: Mosty comments of others.
Through the Bible on, prayer: Good overview of what the whole Bible has to say about prayer.
Prayer, singing and praise: The three work together, well!
Faith and prayer: Bible study.
The Lord's prayer: Bible study.
Fasting and prayer: Bible study
Praying without ceasing : Bible study.
Large Bible study on prayer: Over 70 pages!
Tongues of men and Angels: Part.1.
Tongues of men and Angels: Part.2.
Hindrances to prayer: A good one!
Some comments on the prayer of faith: Chapter study. James 5.
Why we should make prayer a part of our life!:

Bible studies about different kinds of prayer!

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My List of Links with other Bible studies by John Chopores

Bible studies on how to overcome lust and temptation: Links to them!
The spirit world: Bible studies about: Angels, demons, miracles, Divine healing, and more!
Apostles and prophets: Links to them!
Bible studies about the Worship of God: Links to them!